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What is Digital Content?

In short, it's everything and anything you read or watch online.

Everything from breaking news articles to how-to guides, to lolcats! But for your business it means something you can give to your potential customers that goes beyond a sales message, helping you develop your brand, drive traffic and build your profile in the industry and community you love.

Let's make content.
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Articles & Reports

Staying relevant and having a unique voice is critical to making the first page on Google and other search engines. LMC can take your data, whether just headline topics or detailed documentation, add extra research and use it to create quality thought-leadership pieces that you will be proud to give your clients and that they will be eager to share with their colleagues.


Using carefully developed questions and curated participants, LMC offers a turnkey, end-to-end service that will give you insight into your audience that benefits them as much as you, helping to position your brand as part of the community, not just a service provider.


Fast facts, perfect for sharing and fun to digest! Working with your design team or autonomously using your in-house style guidelines, LMC can create eye-catching infographics that say as much about you as they do your industry.


Everyone wants to hear from leaders and contemporaries in their field. LMC has years of experience conducting content-driven interviews both remotely and in-person with everyone from Fortune 500 execs to local not-for-profits, designing questions to generate insight while adapting to interviewees to get the best out of them to deliver engaging videos, podcasts and articles that will fascinate your target market.


Sometimes the best way to tell people your message is to show them. LMC can take your footage, message and data to create a striking visual package that people will love to share, without the Hollywood price tag!


Even great content needs a great website if you want people to find it and – critically – convert them from passive readers into active customers. Utilising the latest in web & search standards, LMC designs are not only easy on they eye, but powerful under the hood, secure and can be built for easy self-management with on-site training included if you need it.


How can Digital Content help you?

You love what you do, you know you’ve got a fantastic product or service, but driving people to your site feels like an uphill battle. Well crafted, interesting content could be the key to getting the right people to discover the great stuff you do.

Start Conversations

Engage with your potential customers, not just the existing ones by giving them something they can use through unique and relevant content like articles & videos.

Build Credibility

Show your audience you truly understand their industry and the challenges they face with reports, guides & commissioned pieces from leaders in their field.


Get off the treadmill…

Discount. Promote. Repeat. Discount. Promote. Repeat...

Getting customers to your site doesn’t have to mean knock-down prices - By creating and sharing unique, quality content you can bring interested, pre-primed potential leads straight to your front door.

Develop Your Brand

Stand out from your competitors and be front-of-mind for your clients by turning your existing research and data into engaging videos, infographics & surveys they can actually learn from.

Rise The Ranks

Google knows all the tricks. A search engine’s job is to deliver the best relevant results and the smarter they get the more good quality, frequent, interesting content is rewarded.



Now you have an idea of what digital content is and what it can do, it's time to see what it looks like from LMC.
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  • WBR
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  • Edward Adoo (From Routemaster to Broadcaster)
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  • e-Skills UK
  • Let’s Make Content is amazing. Dan has an unusual approach in the way he works, his enthusiasm and expertise is so reassuring, he understood the brief almost better than we did and was able to produce a website and a brand beyond our imagination, stress free and totally inline with the project’s deadlines. Toowierdforthebbc will use him again and again and will recommend LMC over and over!

    Valerie Hayes, Owner, Tooweirdoforthebbc


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